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Get certified with the City of Toronto accredited Vehicle-for-Hire Driver Training Program, DrivePro, today! This advanced, interactive online training offers easy-to-follow modules designed to provide easy yet effective online learning, making your certification quick and easy.

About the program

This course is designed with the requirements as mandated by the City of Toronto for you to operate safely as a vehicle-for-hire driver. We’ve built an experience for you to make getting your certification as interesting and painless as possible. We know this material can be dry, but our delivery won’t be. Just like you, we want to make this experience a 5-star rating for everyone. 

Who needs this training

  • Taxicab driver, owner, and operator or broker
  • Limousine driver and owner
  • Vehicle for Hire driver for a Private Transportation Company (PTC) such as Uber, Lyft, or Facedrive

This course includes

Interactive e-learning

Real-life video footage shot on the streets of the Greater Toronto Area relevant to your day-to-day driving activities. Course material includes a mix of live video shots on streets such as King Street and Jarvis Street, while also seeing animated demonstrations and interactive modules.

Multiple choice exam

Complete a 50-question multiple-choice exam after accomplishing your course materials. You’re allowed to take the exam up to five times, beyond this a retake fee will apply. A mark of 70% must be achieved in order to receive a certificate of completion.

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Course Outline

Transporting Passengers in a Safe Manner 
Driving in an Urban Setting 
Providing Service to Accessible Users 
Anti-racism and Discrimination 
Legal Requirements of Vehicle-For-Hire Drivers

Course Details
4 hours
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